Detailed Explanation of Owner-Occupied Home Loan & It’s Essential Features

In this case, owner occupied home loan is perfect solution. There are many loan attributes that can not only help you save money, but also assist you in accomplishing the ideal monetary wellbeing. Applying for a loan is especially overwhelming for first-home buyers. Since their knowledge and experience in the market is genuinely restricted, it is highly advised to do broad research about the products presently available in the market and their features.

Essential Features of Owner- Occupied home loans:

Low proceeding fees and discharge cost: When thinking for an owner-occupied loan in Australia, it is important that you have a thought of every cost the product entails. You will likely want to save money on your home loan and you will get to test your negotiation skills when requesting for your lender to waive or, at any rate, diminish the ongoing charges you will have to settle. If possible, look for lenders that will allow you to pay in advance costs. This will help reduce your monthly load if all loan costs are to be paid at the beginning of the contract.
Fixed interest rates: If there is one thing first-home buyers need from a home loan, it’s assurance. A fixed interest rate permits borrowers to know ahead of time how much they will be paying month to month for a specific timeframe. This will surely help you budget more efficiently.
Redraft facility: In a home-loan feature, a redraft facility provides an opportunity for you to access extra instalments the you have already made to your loan. Consider it like keeping for later — you make additional repayments and the sum you accumulate by doing so will be accessible to you whenever you need it. The redraft facility is useful for budget-conscious owner-occupiers, who may be wanting to put something aside for a remodel, a property investment, or other big purchases.
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Different Ways to Finance Your New Smartphone in India

It is no secret that a smartphone is no longer a calling device only. It is used to check the time, put an alarm, click photos, social media, net banking, finding routes, ordering cabs and food, etc. People can perform their job duties over the phone. In short, if we can put it part of our lives are controlled/Influenced by Smartphones. There are certain aspects to remember while you plan to buy a smartphone. The following pointers will help you make up your mind.

How Much Do Smartphones actually Cost?

Price: Smartphones like Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and Note 9 are comparatively expensive having to range from 50K to 120K. In contrast, Vivo VZ1 Pro and Samsung Galaxy M40 come in an affordable under 20K. The smartphone which you can purchase will ultimately depend upon your budget.
“Value”: According to Moore’s law, the analogy of a mobile phone is a depreciating asset and the number of transistors doubles every two years. New models and technology take over the market every year. Thus your smartphone will be relevant for a few years only. Afterwards, you might want to upgrade to the latest phone.
Use: Almost all the functions of a smartphone can be performed by the lower budget models as well. But if you insist on good sound, or picture, or gaming, then you might need to shed more money on a smartphone.
Hidden charges: There are other hidden costs of paid download, internet charges, and subscriptions. It would help if you kept that in mind while buying a smartphone.
How to Arrange Finance?

Retail Stores: There are options to pay via credit card. This option is used by many offline retailers/Stores for one or many credit card collaboration with other financing company to help their customers finance and buy and their phone. However, you need to maintain a good CIBIL score to get a credit card.
Online stores: There are 0% interest EMI schemes offered by online and offline retailers. Check out the best credit option based on your monthly income. Major players offering NO COST EMI in today’s market are HDFC, SBI, ICICI etc.
Marketplace: Sell your old mobile phone at a reasonable price to partly finance your new smartphone. The best way to find your phone worth is by looking through the product exchange price offered by Amazon/Flipkart Else sell via Olx, Facebook market etc locally in profit.
Financial institution: You can take a personal loan from any bank if your CIBIL score is good to buy an expensive phone. But please be careful of how the Indian Loan management system has changed after the pandemic.
Online P2P lending platform If you don’t have a good CIBIL score, there is an option in that case as well. You can be a part of the Online P2P lending platform. Nowadays, you can find an Online chit fund platform also that are driving financial inclusion by bringing investors and burrower in one platform to meet their mutual needs.
What If You Can’t Find A Finance Option?

Getting a loan is not a cakewalk for everyone. The majority of people in India are from the low-income group. Not everyone can maintain a perfect CIBIL score to get a Credit card or bank loan. Many people follow the practice of paying their labourers or employees in cash. In such cases, it becomes difficult for them to prove their income. To make matters worse, we are going through a pandemic. Due to which, many people lost their job or running their household on a reduced income.

P2P lending groups can come to your rescue if you are a victim of any such financial crisis. They do the least paperwork. And they are flexible in terms of the loan tenure. Suppose you can’t find a chit fund company or group nearby. You can always look for a reliable and secured online chit fund platform like Money Club that works on the similar principle of ROSCA (Rotating Credit and Savings Association) merged with the technology of P2P lending.

Wrapping Up!

Everyone has their own goals, Budget and creditworthiness, so the best financing option for one person will not be attainable for another. So before buying a smartphone always ask the following question: 1. What is the best price at the right store? 2. What are the Perks associated with buying the phone from a particular brand and retailer? 3. What is my best financing option according to your appetite/budget? There are multiple new avenues of finance available nowadays. Because of technological development, you can check the transparency and security of any finance company. So always take an in-depth look at your finances before deciding how to finance your cell phone purchase.

5 common mistake people do with their demat account

At the point when you open a Demat account you are finished with the initial step of the initiation of putting resources into the offer market. In addition, the Demat account assists with purchasing and sell shares by keeping them in electronic structure. The offers in the dematerialization account are changed over into an electronic structure from an actual structure. You can transform them back to actual offers at whatever point you need.

A Demat account is a record that holds monetary protections in advanced structure or electronic structure. Also, the Demat accounts are kept up by NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CSDL (Central Depository Services Limited). It permits the brokers and financial backers to perform exchanging by means of an electronic type of stocks, securities, ETFs, Futures, Options, items, and shared assets.

Advantages of utilizing a Demat Account

Here are a few reasons why you should open a Demat Account:

Diminished Risks: When managing actual offers you face hazards like:

Misfortune: If reports are as paper there is a high possibility of them getting lost. Putting away offers in a Demat account isn’t just better yet more secure.

Phony: Forgery is profoundly conceivable in monetary records so having a Demat record can give a 100% assurance of your offers being protected.

Paper Damage: The ink on paper may harm the entire record which is stayed away from in computerized reports.

Decreased Time and Cost: The way toward making an exchange available to be purchased or purchase is moment through a Demat account. You save a ton of time instead of managing actual authentications. Besides, the interaction gets consistent and more affordable. The extra costs like dealing with costs and cost of stamp obligation are disposed of by means of utilizing a Demat account.

No issues of odd parts: Demat account furnishes comfort when you manage the odd arrangement of parcels and furthermore single security stores. The work is rearranged and less tedious.

Simple Holding: If you exchange with actual reports, you will have a heap of archives that is by all accounts innumerable. To stay away from all the pressure made by the heap of archives you can rather exchange utilizing a Demat account with no such administrative work. Keeping up records of actual offers is a monotonous work and keeping track is close to outlandish. The records are modern, precise, and rearranged by the utilization of a Demat account.

5 basic mix-ups individuals do with their Demat account

Here are some basic mix-ups that each financial backer ought to try not to do with their Demat account:

Not giving enough or high weightage to believability: Many financial backers do this slip-up that when they first open a Demat account they don’t take the validity of the establishment into thought. Moreover, you should realize how valid the establishment is without taking the proposal of the individual who recommended you to go for that association. You ought to consider these components that will help you know the validity:

Client base

Organization size

Industry supposition of that organization

Client audits

Business security

Client support

Safe stage

Information security speculation

Axis Direct Brokerage Calculator

Every one of these components will assist you with understanding that a specific organization is solid or trustworthy or not. A Demat account with some unacceptable organization will exacerbate your exchanging and you will want to surrender openings because of awful treatment of your offers. An awful Demat account organization will defer the exchanges and not satisfy the obligation as indicated by the assumptions.

Comfort highlights: In the since quite a while ago run accommodation highlights matters the most regardless of whether you don’t see that at this moment. Demat account applications give a high assortment of highlights for an issue free exchanging experience. Moreover, as referenced above check the organization’s application surveys, highlights, and dependability. In the event that the exchanging stage application has an excessive number of bugs, it will unfavorably influence your presentation.

Not offering significance to enactment time: The actuation season of any Demat account is imperative to consider. As individuals say very much started resembles a half-finished yet not in the securities exchange. Your underlying moves set the benchmark for your presentation as the underlying moves can assist you with being positive about the market. For beginning exchanging, you will require a Demat account initiates eventually. The on-ground administration will affect if the initiation time isn’t positive. Organizations that give Demat account initiation in only a couple minutes possibly not all that great as the one which takes a happy time doing the cycle.

Individuals overlook the exchanging stage execution: The exchanging stage execution of the stockbroker is important to be considered prior to opening a Demat account. Moreover, you need to consider the exchanging execution as it will offer approach to fruitful contributing. The online exchanging stages the type of portable application and work areas ought to be quick, streamlined, and proficient. Moreover, it ought to be without bug and dependable with security. The correct exchanging stage ought to be given by the foundation you open a Demat account with.

The activity ought to be consistent:

The working of the Demat record ought to be without bother and furthermore the exchanging record of the stockbroker. As you will open a Demat and exchanging account with a similar stockbroker you need to keep your exchanging account likewise in your psyche. Additionally, you should deal with how expedient the exchange gets finished as it will guarantee upgraded benefits. You can likewise profit of the office of 2-in1 Demat and exchanging account which will make the exchange and putting resources into common assets, IPOs, values, monetary forms, wares, and so forth simpler and quicker.


To summarize it, you need to stay away from the errors that usually individuals do with their Demat account. While picking the Demat account you ought to be knowledgeable with what precisely you are searching for. The advantages of a Demat record will cause you to have one at the present time and simplify your life. Prior to opening a Demat account check the stockbrokers’ highlights gave in the exchanging account as well. A Demat account is an incredible device as it will assist with lessening the problems of holding the offers, cost, time, and dangers of your financial exchange exchanging.

Navigating the World of Online Commodity Trading

Understanding Commodities and Their Trade
Commodities are the fundamental raw materials or primary agricultural products that can be bought and sold. These include metals like gold and silver, energy sources such as crude oil and natural gas, and agricultural products like wheat and coffee. Commodities are uniform across producers, with their prices determined primarily by global supply and demand dynamics.

The Essence of Commodity Trading
Trading commodities has been a practice for millennia, evolving from physical barter to sophisticated online platforms. Modern commodity trading is facilitated through exchanges like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the London Metal Exchange (LME), or through brokers such as T1markets and HFTrading. To engage in online trading, one needs an account with a trading platform that provides access to the market and various assets.

T1markets, for instance, is a reputable broker regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, offering a secure and user-friendly trading experience. It features the widely recognized MetaTrader 4 platform, which boasts over 350 assets, customizable trading environments, and advanced analytical tools.

Why Trade Commodities Online?
The allure of online commodity trading lies in its unique advantages:

Short Selling Commodities: Unlike stocks, commodities can be sold short without an uptick rule, allowing traders to profit from falling prices.
High Returns and Liquidity: Certain commodities, like oil and gold, are known for their volatility, which can lead to attractive short-term trading opportunities.
Portfolio Diversification: Adding commodities to your investment portfolio can reduce risk, especially during stock market downturns.
Safe Investment Haven: In times of economic uncertainty, commodities like gold are often seen as a safe investment choice.
How to Start Trading Commodities Online
Open an Online Trading Account: Beginners may start with a demo account to practice with virtual funds.
Select a Market and Asset: Choose the commodity market and the specific asset for trading CFDs or spread betting.
Decide on Your Position: Go long if you anticipate price increases, or short if you expect a decline.
Determine Trade Size: Decide on the number of CFDs or the spread betting amount per point movement.
Implement Risk Management: Incorporate strategies to mitigate financial risks.
Monitor Your Trade: Keep a close eye on your positions, especially if day trading.
Close Your Position: Use stop-loss orders or manually close your trade when necessary.
Top Brokers for Online Commodity Trading

When selecting a broker for commodity trading, consider these reputable firms known for their exceptional service:

The Bottom Line
For those seeking lucrative opportunities in the financial market, online commodity trading presents an excellent option. However, it requires thorough research and understanding before diving in. By choosing the right broker and employing effective trading strategies, investors can navigate the commodity market with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a commodity? A commodity is a basic raw material or agricultural product that is uniform across producers and can be traded.

How can you trade commodities? Commodities can be traded through brokers like T1markets or on exchanges, with many traders preferring the convenience of a reliable broker.

What are the benefits of trading commodities? Benefits include the potential for high returns, liquidity, portfolio diversification, and being a safe investment during economic downturns.

What Control Features Work Best For a Point of Sale System?

A point of sale or POS system can be ideal for your business, especially when you’re aiming to collect credit card payments. There are a few things to look for when getting your POS setup ready.

Can You Manage Your Inventory?

Be sure your online credit card processing setup features an inventory management module. You can review trends in your marketplace and keep tabs on how many items you have left in your store. You can automate your reorder points with some POS setups.

How Many Users?

You might have many employees at your business that will all use the same online credit card processing program. A POS setup should provide support for as many employees as necessary.

Loyalty Support

Customer loyalty programs will encourage people to spend more and to return often. Your point of sale system should include support for loyalty programs, plus it should have parameters for how it will issue rewards to your customers.

Support For Many Payments

POS layouts should support multiple payment options, including EBT payments. EBT merchant services can be essential when you’re trying to support low-income customers.

A POS setup can also support physical checks and gift cards. Anything that can read barcodes or paper features can always help.

Data Collection Is Critical

You’ll need to gather information on your customers to gauge their spending habits and to plan new marketing efforts. A POS system can include an email address collection feature to help you regularly reach whatever customers want to learn more about what you offer. But your point or sale plans should entail voluntary email offerings, as forcing people to provide email addresses might be seen as rough.

Your point of sale layout goes well beyond online credit card processing. Watch for what you’re using with your system when finding a smart solution.