Important Factors To Consider While Buying A Life Insurance Policy

As per the current environment all over the world, the need for good life insurance has been heightened. People have started taking more interest in having life insurance for themselves as well as for their family members. The ability of an individual to contract a deadly disease makes it essential to rethink the insurance requirements. Many states have even started making it mandatory for their people to have life insurance.

Life insurance is one of the most popular but complicated insurance concepts that is highly misunderstood by many people. It is a concept that is surrounded by some misconceptions due to which people remain aware of its benefits. Life insurance in Bedford Park is used by people to have a secure financial future. It is a type of insurance that helps people to have peace of mind that their loved ones will have some financial support and protection even if they no longer will be there to help them.

Just like any other type of insurance, choosing a life insurance policy is not that easy. Such type of insurance policy is covered by various concepts that make it essential for the buyer to choose the best one for them and their loved ones. Here are some factors considering which helps to buy a good life insurance policy.


One of the most important elements in determining that what life insurance product we must choose is age. Each life insurance policy includes a variety of products. Choosing the policy as per one’s age help to have maximum benefits. Those who are younger, generally get more options to choose from. It is the age that also helps to decide that for how long we need the coverage.

Life insurance is usually designed to either last for a certain period of time, which is called term life, or the life that provides coverage till the death of the insurance holder. Depending on one’s preference, one can easily choose the type of insurance. Those who choose life insurance for as long as they will live are provided permanent coverage. There are some life insurance products such as basic term life insurance, that accepts eligibility till the age of 60 only.


While buying a life insurance policy it is important to understand the actual reason for buying it. Having a clear idea regarding the objective helps to make the right decision not just about the insurance, but also about the type of benefits to look out for. There are some types of permanent life insurance policies that can also be used as savings. Those who prefer having cash value usually prefer permanent life insurance policies. Such policies are lifelong and include cash value that increases with time.


Another thing that matters most while buying a life insurance policy is the budget. Before buying any policy, it is essential for all to consider that whether we will be able to afford to keep the insurance coverage in place or not. It is always better to choose the plan that is affordable to us and is possible for us to pay the installments or policy amount without any delay.

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent insurance in which the insured person is covered for the whole life till they will pay the premiums on time. On the other side term, life insurance provides coverage only for a specific period or a few years mentioned in the policy. In case of death of the insured during such time period, the death benefit is paid to his or her beneficiaries. Both types of life insurance in Bedford Park are preferred by people due to their affordable rates and high benefits. Along with this, such types of life insurance also offer a cash value or savings component.

What is XIRR and how is it used?

We use CAGR when we gauge the mutual funds’ performance. When you gauge the value of your investments, you use XIRR. So if you are doing an SIP every month you will require XIRR to evaluate what money you have made.

How to calculate XIRR?

To calculate XIRR, you will require three essential attributes. Date, Cash Flow and Portfolio Value.

XIRR can be easily calculated using Microsoft Excel. Excel provides an inbuilt function to calculate XIRR.

XIRR formula in excel is:= XIRR (value, dates, guess)

This, will give you your own XIRR. Your money management abilities – adding & withdrawal of investments – are then going to be calculated through your XIRR.

You can use XIRR over time and check how your investments have fared.

Limitations of XIRR

XIRR has certain limitations as it overemphasizes cash flows. For instance, your cash flows may not match the market momentum. If you happen to invest in the month when the market is at low and by the end its peak, then your XIRR will be marginal. Your XIRR will be overshadowed because you added money when the market was high, thus receiving lesser units.

Thus, XIRR is your asset allocation or cash-flow based return. You might need it to see how well your investment has performed.

Evolution of ESG mutual funds in India and the parameters involved in screening

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. What is the meaning and the full form of ESG mutual fund? Let’s take look at it piecemeal.

The E of ESG mutual funds “E” stands for the Environment. This means how does a company deals with the preservation and conservation of natural resources. How can it impact the future of the company?

There are two answers to this question. One is the ‘Regulatory’ impact, that with the evolution of the competitive landscape in India, stricter controls have been set for standards of environmental conservation, climate change and pollution control. Companies have to be more environmentally conscious, not solely to maintain a strong balance sheet but to maintain the balance of nature for a better tomorrow.

The S of ESG mutual funds “S” stands for Social. When it comes to social, ESG looks into how does the company look after the health of their employees, safety and well–being. These incorporate several initiatives taken to ensure the employee health and safety, that include well designated safe zones in factories, or health checkup camps for all employees. Social concerns not just the quality of work, but also go beyond the quality of life for the employees. It includes employee benefits, gender diversity, inclusion, etc.

The S is not just about the employees. It also encompasses the treatment of minority shareholders. Does the company treat its shareholders equally? A sustainable business is one that exhibits complete parity in treatment to its minority and large stakeholders.

“S” also looks at what the company is doing for Society at large. Does the CSR budget get spent towards improving the society in which the company operates? Does it collaborate with the nearing not-for-profit foundations? Does it provide for improvement of education, healthcare and facilities for uplifting the society?

The G of ESG mutual funds “G” is for Governance. This is the base, the foundation on which the company is run. By governance standards, we do not mean mere compliance on audits and GAAP standards, but going beyond financial disclosures and implementing the best practices in action and spirit. We have seen several examples of companies who claim high governance compliance, but on closer look fail the ground reality. ESG oriented companies will have the highest standards of governance.

Corporate India will continue to face stricter adherence to regulations. Be it environmental parameters, societal impact, or financial disclosures, the Regulators are necessitating greater compliance and the penalties for those who deviate from the prerequisite standards. Standards of E, S and G are going to be the parameters on how the companies and judges and screened.

Safe Emergency Loans with No Credit Check

In times of emergency needs, one of the critical things that often gets overlooked is safety. However, one can never emphasize the importance of safety enough when it comes to any financial transaction. And especially with loans where there’s interest and other expenses involved, which have the potential of getting destructive when not paid on time, safety simply becomes increasingly critical. At InstallmentLoanz, we believe in transparent lending and through this article, we would like to help our potential borrowers stay safe while choosing no credit check loans for addressing emergency financial needs.

What are No Credit Check Loans
A popular category of loans, no credit check loans are those whose approval process doesn’t include a traditional hard credit check. A hard credit check is when an in-depth analysis of the credit scores and history of an individual is performed.

Essentially, a no credit check loan:

Leaves your credit scores unchanged
Does not get significantly impacted by your credit history or scores
Tends to be quicker as a hard credit check can take time
May use credit information from an alternative source of credit tracking instead of the mainstream ones.

What Makes No Credit Check Loans Suitable for Emergencies?
No credit check loans typically are:

Easy to apply for
Easy to qualify for
Not dependent on credit scores
Leave credit scores without an impact
These qualities make them more suitable than most other loans, for borrowers facing emergency financial needs.

Always Choose Income-Based No Credit Check Loans
While being convenient and quick, one of the potential compromises associated with no credit check loans can be safety. However, as a borrower, you can ensure a fair amount of safety in your loan when you:

Choose a trusted lender: Check to ensure you’re dealing with a lender that has a good reputation, strong online presence, well-constructed website, transparent loan terms, and clear disclosures
Choose income-based no credit check loans: When the credit check is skipped, the only other way to ensure a loan isn’t too easy to be safe, is to have an income-based loan which is only approved after a fair income verification as a safety measure. A loan missing both measures is likely to be either illegitimate or too easy to qualify for, making the risk associated with it, too high.

What are the different types of personal loans in India?

personal loans have witnessed splendid growth starting from uncertain business to a positive space undertaken by renowned banks, and other private financial institutions including Money View, etc.

Money View, one of the leading prominent online financial institutions offers personal loans to serve a diverse range of purposes. Some of them are as follows:–

Wedding loans: — Wedding is an expensive and memorable event for an individual. Rather than withdrawing money from your personal savings account, it is always better to avail of a personal loan from credible and trustworthy sources like Money View. They offer personal loans at an attractive rate of interest (ROI) with flexible repayment tenure. Personal loans are indeed one of the best options to cover wedding expenses. A major highlight regarding this type of loan is that customizing options are available which are tailor-made for an applicant.
Travel loan: —- Travel loans are exclusively meant for those individuals who wish to go for a vacation abroad. You do have the option to raise funds for expensive family trips while paying the bills at a later stage. Another benefit regarding this type of loan is that travel insurance is included thereby ensuring optimal protection.
Property renovation loan: —- Nowadays, availing of a property renovation loan amongst the people is common. Quite a few people are not able to afford a huge amount to purchase real estate and ultimately end up compromising on various aspects to manage expenses. This type of loan features numerous benefits such as covering repairing and maintenance costs, procuring brand new materials, and managing the laborer’s charge. By doing so, a property renovation loan helps in enhancing the value of a property in the real estate world.
Medical loan: —– This type of loan is applicable for the ones who do not possess insurance. They should consider applying for a medical emergency plan. The medical plan proves to be beneficial owing to its lower rate of interest and quick approval process.
Secured loans: — Secured loan is a type of installment loan which is supported by collateral security in the form of a vehicle, savings account, or real estate. If in case the borrower fails to repay the loan amount, the concerned lender does have the right to seize the entire property or similar assets to cover the remaining outstanding dues.
Pension loan: —- Pension loans are designed for retired people. As a result, standard eligibility requirements do not apply here. In this type of loan, financial institutions or banks offer a certain volume of cash in the form of pensions. However, applicants are supposed to submit pension proof. The pensioners are permitted to borrow funds to cover day-to-day expenses or for payment of medical bills.
Debt consolidation loan: —- This type of personal loan is meant to consolidate the existing debts into a single one while smoothly covering EMI. You may consider using a personal loan EMI calculator to examine and compare the repayments.
Education Loan: — Education loan is a quite popular loan amongst the students. Parents of kids apply for an education loan to pay tuition fees or pursue higher studies overseas.
Festival Loan: — Prominent lenders like Money View provide this type of loan to host parties and organize festivities.
Consumer durable loan: — It is a type of loan, which is meant to purchase household appliances.
Smartphones and computers loan: — Lenders offer this type of loan to those individuals who intend to purchase desktop PCs and mobile phones.
Doctor Loan: — It is yet another type of personal loan which is exclusively meant for doctors who wish to upgrade their existing workplace or set up a brand new clinic. Apart from that, they could utilize the loan to recruit staff and purchase medical equipment.
In addition to the above mentioned, there are few other types of personal loans:
Teachers play a crucial role in the daily lives of students. Apart from imparting education, their role is to nurture, mentor, and develop a support system exclusively for students. We should be aware of the fact that teachers have additional responsibility by taking care of their family including children.

At times, they too face financial crisis, and to assist them in covering extra overheads, personal loans for teachers are provided by Money View. Applicants may take advantage of the personal loan eligibility calculator available on the official website of Money View.

Benefits of Personal Loan:
In this section, we discuss some of the potential benefits and features of a personal loan. Have a look at a few of them:

The documentation process is quick and easy. Applicants are supposed to furnish relevant supporting documents like ID proof, monthly income statement proof, and the latest passport size photo.
Money View offers personal loans at an attractive rate of interest with flexible repayment tenure.
Applicants do have the option to check their eligibility requirements using an online eligibility calculator. It is available on the official website of Money View.
Eligibility requirements for a salaried professional
The minimum age to avail of a personal loan is twenty-one years and the maximum age is about sixty years.
Applicants should have at least two years of working experience in the current workplace and earn a monthly salary of twenty-five thousand.

Eligibility requirements for self-employed individuals

According to the personal loan eligibility checker, the minimum age required for a self-employed individual and business people is twenty-five and sixty-five years respectively.
Applicants are required to submit monthly income proof and lucrative business operations for the past two years.
Money View is indeed one of the established financial institutions acknowledged for disbursing personal loans at an attractive rate of interest with flexible repayment tenure. Moreover, the company is also acclaimed because of the quick and easy online documentation process.

Three steps to the true financial empowerment of women

Financial empowerment isn’t about how much money you make. Financial empowerment depends on how you control and take power of that income and make life decisions with it.

Here are the steps to the true financial empowerment of women.

Step 1: Educate Yourself

It’s high time women need to take care of their own money and not depend on their husband, father, or brother to manage their income. It’s time to decide how you want to address financial planning and one of the best ways to invest is through mutual funds. It is essential to understand and evaluate your monthly budget based on income – expenses. Remember, once you begin with financial planning, keeping track of your investments is very important. Investing in mutual funds happens to be the simplest way to do so. Mutual funds give a wide variety of online purchase options and help you stay updated as well.

Step 2: Plan and accomplish

As much as taking charge is essential, it is equally important to identify your goals. Financial planning in the early years of your career helps you to gather wisdom and benefit with the power of compounding, and what could be better than Mutual funds! An SIP in Mutual funds is a great way to begin your investment journey. It is advisable to always go for a long-term approach to get optimum output. Be your own advocate and choose your own investment decision. Also, ensure that your investment portfolio is diversified. You know the old trick of not putting all eggs in one basket. Similarly, in Mutual funds portfolio, diversification is essential for combating risks. Do recognize difference between savings and investments before you take steps to invest.

Step 3 : Be empowered, ask for what you need

Taking these steps and applying them will make women a strong force in society, the household and the workplace. Through this process, you will realize that, indeed it is a complex relationship with money. However, you will grow and evolve to be more independent than ever. As much as it is essential to be financially independent, it is equally essential to be emotionally independent. Investing through an SIP in mutual funds schemes is similar to shopping. One of the biggest difference is you get quantified returns instead of qualitative returns. The joy and freedom of being financially empowered are inexplicable. Keep in mind while investing in Mutual funds and your journey with financial planning, you are getting what you need. The important step is to stay invested for a longer tenure.

Simplifying the mutual fund selection process – Fund of Funds Mutual Fund

Typically, the process of selecting mutual funds to invest in can be cumbersome due to the variety of options and the lack knowledge / research methods. On one end, investors preferring DIY (Do-it-yourself) can do the whole process of shortlisting mutual funds to invest depending on their personal risk profile, goal and time duration. In contrast, investors can choose to simplify the mutual fund selection process by investing in a Fund of Funds Mutual Funds in India.

Advantages of Fund of Funds

Achieve portfolio diversification: Many Fund of Funds Mutual Funds help achieve portfolio diversification by investing across assets and across varying mutual fund types and styles, thereby simplifying the process of asset allocation.

Low Minimum Investment: Investors who are low on resources or seeking minimum investment can choose to invest in such a fund. If you were to invest in different funds, it would require additional investment across each of the mutual funds chosen. Also, switching between funds would have tax implications for an investor. In contrast, the switching between funds by a fund manager for the fund of Funds Mutual Fund scheme does not bear any tax on the investor.

Ease of portfolio management: Investors just need to track one NAV and one mutual fund, thereby simplifying the portfolio management process. In short, the investor can take advantage of the fund manager’s expertise to bring changes in the portfolio construction depending on the market conditions.

Post-tax return: Fund of Funds Mutual Funds are taxed like a debt fund where the investments held over 3 years or 36 months are considered as Long Term Capital Gains. The taxation of LTCG gains is 20% with indexation benefit. Indexation adjusts the effect of inflation on long-term capital gains.

Thus, investors who are looking for risk-adjusted returns for the long-term can consider Fund of Funds Mutual Fund that simplifies the process of fund selection and provides portfolio diversification.

Should I trust a USDA home loan online near me?

When looking for a home loan online today – which would be the most common way of finding almost any kind of service today – a simple USDA home loan online near me search would greet you with hundreds, if not thousands, of lenders, all similarly promising loan offers and options.

In this sea of options, it’s easy to get lost and choose the wrong one for your need, especially if you’re finding lenders for Home Loans New York near me. Online lenders can be great idea only if you know what to expect. So, to clear up your worries about USDA online lenders, you should know what to look out for when hiring the services of one.

Faster and Cheaper

Online lending application processes are made with lesser hassle and are much easier to follow for the average joe. This is only an effective way of offering their services. An easily understandable way of applying for a loan versus a term-heavy and intimidating process in large financial institutions – the winner for the majority would be fairly easy to spot.

Online lenders also tend to offer lower rates and more flexible payment terms due to the tough competition for online lending – another way online lenders take a lead on traditional mortgage brokers. Lenders you’ll find for USDA loan online near me also aren’t too strict in credit score requirements for loans. They may not use the same underwriting investors as the big financial institutions that is why they can still approve application even for those that were rejected by their local bank.

The Danger of Online Loan Lenders

The online space is notorious for the abundance of scammers and illegal business practitioners. Online lending is no exception. With the increased exposure of legitimate online lenders because of the internet, is the same increased exposure of fake ones. Especially in a large populous state like New York, it’s easy for average people to fall for fake lenders promising Home Loans New York near me.

Never Pay for a Pre-approval or Quote

Be vigilant that the USDA home loan online near me that you chose is indeed true. Most lenders would charge for application fees that covers when they need to check your background, credit, reports, and your appraisal. However, you’d only need to pay this fee for the later stages of the application process.

Being Approved for Mortgage Doesn’t Guarantee a Home Purchase

Although online lenders can offer low interest rates, the rates can be really high for people with really low credit score. If you have a low credit score, it’d be a much better choice to repair and improve your credit score rather than opting to buy a home at an increased rate that what would be normally given to you.

Be Careful with Online Forms

With no one around to assist you in your form application online, be sure to double-check (and triple-check) the information that you would give. A simple misinterpretation of things on the form could cause a lot of problems later on. That is why you really need to communicate with the staff on online lenders in order to get the best information to help you with your loan decision.

How can asset allocation help you?

It may not be very complicated to determine your financial goal/s – a comfortable retirement, children’s higher education, a new house or a new car, but developing an appropriate asset allocation plan intended to achieve those goals can be. Using online tools like asset allocator can prove to be valuable to reduce volatility and enhance diversification.

While all investments involve risks, including a possible loss of principal, the risk gets proportionally mitigated when allocated prudently. Typically, the greater the potential of the investment, the more the risk involved. Investors should be comfortable with market fluctuations, especially over the short term. Equity investments fluctuate, due to general market conditions. Bond prices generally move inversely to their interest rates. What determines success in long-term investing has been asset allocation. Asset allocation is investing your money in different categories of assets – typically equity, debt and gold, so your investments are well diversified.

The goal of devising a suitable asset allocation plan is to develop a robust investment portfolio that will help you reach your financial objectives in tandem with the risk you find comfortable with. A well-diversified plan may be one of the most effective ways to realize your long-term goals over time.

How can asset allocation help you?

Reduce risk:
Diversifying your portfolio helps spread the investment risk across many different asset classes.

Opportunity to earn long term risk adjusted returns:
Diversifying your investment portfolio helps you improve your chances of participating in market gains and mitigate the impact of poorly performing asset classes on your overall portfolio returns.

Stay focused on your goals:
Diversifying your investments help reduce the urge to time the market and safeguard against market ups and downs.

Thus, asset allocation helps you in improving your chances to earn better long term risk adjusted returns.

Simplifying Passive Investing with NIFTY ETFs

A passive fund is where the fund manager and his team do not actively manage stocks. They mandatorily invest in the stocks that the underlying index is comprised of. They try to replicate the index and give returns according to their performance.

Passive funds are different as compared to Active Funds because they have a low expense ratio. The involvement of the Fund Manager in an Index Fund is lesser. As per SEBI regulations, the Exchange Traded Funds’ (ETFs) expense ratio cannot exceed 1% the daily net assets. ETFs generally cannot beat the benchmark. The Nifty ETF’s returns may be equal to the benchmark’s returns or lesser.

The active fund managers, in contrast, need to undertake industry research, based on which they take positions in the markets. This making active funds relatively costlier. Actively manages funds seek higher Alpha, which means they take a little more risk to generate higher returns than the benchmark. Their main objective is to beat the benchmark and if the fund manager takes a wrong decision, it can result in huge losses.

The objective of the NIFTY 50 ETF is to try and replicate the performance of the index by buying the same stocks in the same proportion as they are in the index. Nifty 50 Index includes the top 50 liquid stocks of the market. Investing in Nifty 50 ETFs gives investors diversification, which is important because it diversifies the risk factor. The Nifty 50 Index consists of the 50 most valuable stocks spanning across sectors of the Indian economy.

Many investors refrain from investing in markets as they do not possess adequate knowledge of the stock market. Investing in NIFTY 50 ETF doesn’t require extensive research as all the fund does is buy stocks from its underlying index, which is the NIFTY50. You will always have the option of buying stocks on your own but for which you will require a huge investment to invest in stocks of multiple sectors. Thus, investing in NIFTY 50 ETF gives your invested money a broad exposure which a single stock may not able to do so.