What Control Features Work Best For a Point of Sale System?

A point of sale or POS system can be ideal for your business, especially when you’re aiming to collect credit card payments. There are a few things to look for when getting your POS setup ready.

Can You Manage Your Inventory?

Be sure your online credit card processing setup features an inventory management module. You can review trends in your marketplace and keep tabs on how many items you have left in your store. You can automate your reorder points with some POS setups.

How Many Users?

You might have many employees at your business that will all use the same online credit card processing program. A POS setup should provide support for as many employees as necessary.

Loyalty Support

Customer loyalty programs will encourage people to spend more and to return often. Your point of sale system should include support for loyalty programs, plus it should have parameters for how it will issue rewards to your customers.

Support For Many Payments

POS layouts should support multiple payment options, including EBT payments. EBT merchant services can be essential when you’re trying to support low-income customers.

A POS setup can also support physical checks and gift cards. Anything that can read barcodes or paper features can always help.

Data Collection Is Critical

You’ll need to gather information on your customers to gauge their spending habits and to plan new marketing efforts. A POS system can include an email address collection feature to help you regularly reach whatever customers want to learn more about what you offer. But your point or sale plans should entail voluntary email offerings, as forcing people to provide email addresses might be seen as rough.

Your point of sale layout goes well beyond online credit card processing. Watch for what you’re using with your system when finding a smart solution.